Fyodor Dostoevsky

In case you have read any book by Fyodor Dostoevsky, then you must be aware that this author was complicated & fascinating too. This author’s books have a one of a kind Russian means of opening up the characters’ lives which is to be inspected by readers. Below are some things which you should know as far as the author is concerned.

He made his first publication when he was 25 years of age.

Dostoevsky had a good start due to the fact he originated from a well up family which means that he was naturally educated during his youth. The author is not a trained writer; he however attended an engineering military institute, though it didn’t suit him. He later got into literature before even quitting his engineering post where he initially translated French works to Russian. In the year 1845, aged 25, he quit translation for some greener pastures that got him into writing fiction. His first book was known as Poor Folk, & it has regularly been termed as the initial Russian “social novel.”

His parents greatly supported his love for literature.

As mentioned earlier, the author’s parents were rich, & educating their kids was a priority to them. The author had an old nanny who started reading him some old fairy tales as early as three years of age. His mother could use the Bible in teaching him on how to read & write when he was only four. Due to this lifelong devotion towards literature, he grew a foundation which his parents had given him as a kid.

He was an inspiration to other writers.

Just like the author leaned on the giants’ shoulders whose work inspired him as a kid, he eventually turned to be among the giants who went on to inspire as well as support other literary luminaries. An author by the name Franz Kafka termed him as a “blood relative,” & Dostoevsky’s influences in his work today are evident. Prose masters such as Ernest Hemingway & James Joyce rank him as an idol, and others, such as Nietzsche appreciated him much due to how he seamlessly weaved the deep & dark intricacies of the human psychology in his stories.

He was epileptic.

While this author’s mind was working much better as compared to everyone else, the body was unfortunately not. His sickness initially started to become evident at the military school where he began getting seizures regularly in the year 1839 when he was 18 years of age. When he was in exile in Siberia, the seizures even got worse, and despite the fact that he was to serve as military personnel after his return, he became quickly discharged since his health was poor. He of course managed to have a full life, but during his life’s end, the sickness got the better part of him where he developed several complications that caused his death at an age of 59.

He once got condemned to death.

During the 1840s, the author was part of a literary circle that intended to get social reform. They used to read banned books & discussed some potential social changes like avoiding censorship & serfdom, a period when such ideas were terrifying to those who were in power then, due to the political state in Europe. When caught, they were sent into the high security prison & later sentenced to death. Just before the execution, a messenger came in with where he got an exile to Siberia.




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